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“You have to Believe to Achieve”

Evaluation Program

School has been emphasizing on holistic assessment of a learner which includes co-scholastic area of life skills, attitudes and values, work education, visual and performing arts as well as co-scholastic activities like sports and games, club activities etc.

KG: Activity oriented approach with daily internal assessment.

Primary and Lower Primary (Grade 1 to Grade 5): Students are assessed on the basis of continuous and comprehensive evaluation and not through term-end examination. Assessment involves various techniques of assessment like Monday Tests, Class Tests, Debate, Quiz, Poem Recitation. Poster Making, Puzzles, etc

Upper Primary (Grade 6 to 8) and Secondary (Grade 9 and Grade 10) and Senior Secondary (Grade 11 and Grade 12): Students are assessed according to Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system as instructed by the CBSE. First Term: FAI (10%)+FA2 (10%)+SAI(30%) Second Term: FA3 (10%)+FA4 (10%)+SA2(30%) FA- Formative Assessment: Assessment during the instructional process done informally using multiple techniques of evaluation. SA- Summative Assessment; Term-end Examination.