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“You have to Believe to Achieve”


At The Royal Academy, we believe that the capacity for critical and creative thinking is a unique human attribute.

"You have to believe to achieve"

Our academic programme is completed and supported by a wide range of sporting, recreational and performance activities. The school’s pastoral care program pays close attention to the well-being and personal & Social development of each student.

All of us at TRACajman see ourselves as partners in our Learning Community. We look to the future of the school and our students with great excitement.We welcome your children to this community so that we can continue to share in that excitement of learning and play an active role in shaping their future, that of AJMAN and of this world.


Our vision is to create an open, collaborative school community that fosters growth of responsible, confident, productive and critical thinkers who are interested in local and global issues and are able to respond to different challenges.


To provide an Indian Curriculum that inculcates positive attitude, values and habits in the over all development of the students.

To provide a platform where students reflect understanding, compassion, co-operation and knowledge in all their actions.

To emphasize upon not only the acquisition of knowledge but also positive work, ethics, healthy habits and personal and social qualities that form character and personality.

To nurture an environment where students learn to respect other cultures in order to become responsible global citizens.

To prepare our students for leadership in a world where change is the only constant.

To empower students with a holistic and international education for success in an ever changing world.


TRAC citizen is a "Custodian of Nature". Our aim is empowering students to be the change for a sustainable GREEN world by :
Implementing Eco,Social clubs
Conducting environmental review and formulating action plans
Monitoring and Evaluating the school’s environmental impact
Linking the school’s environmental goals with the school curriculum 
A safe and secure learning environment
A broad and balanced curriculum which will be dynamic and challenging
Creative teaching and learning which celebrate diversity
Inclusive programmes with focus on “No student Left Behind”